Tumpek Wayang

Tumpek Wayang

Tumpek Wayang well known as devoted of the lord puppet.

Tumpek Wayang is a special day filled with blessings dedicated towards the traditional performing art form of shadow puppetry. Tumpek Wayang is come once in six month base on Balinese calendar it’s fix of 210 days , Balinese calendar is different calculation , it is combine lunar and solar system we call PAWUKON. One month of Balinese calendar is consist of 5 week or 35 days.

Various offerings are made to the equipment and range of character puppets involved in the traditional theatrical art. Tumpek Wayang is one part in a series of Tumpek days for blessing different subjects. The others include Tumpek Kandang, Tumpek Uduh for plants, Tumpek Landep for metal objects and tools, Tumpek Kuningan for ancestral spirits, and Tumpek Krulut for traditional gamelan music instruments – all which occur in a 210-day cycle on the Pawukon calendar.


-Pagerwesi 1


Balinese people will commemorate Pagerwesi Day. The word Pagerwesi is derived from two Javanese words, pager (fence) and wesi (iron). Pagerwesi literally means the day of “iron fence”.

Pagerwesi is dedicated to honour Siva, the God manifestation as Sanghyang Pramesi Guru, guardian of the universe, which is meant to ask for protection and prosperity. Pagerwesi has a very close relationship with Saraswati which falls four days after Saraswati Day. After people received knowledge on Saraswati Day, Pagerwesi is the day to show our respect to the teacher and the main Guru (God or Siva). Another correlation between Saraswati and Pagerwesi is that the knowledge must be protected from bad influences and misuse.

Pagerwesi is the day when Balinese fortify the space around themselves to ward off evil spirits, a day of offerings for the protection of the village and families and the world around them. On this day, villagers take offerings to cemeteries for the un-cremated dead. Celebrated in every home compound and temple throughout Bali, Pagerwesi is a popular time for large and colorful temple ceremonies, notably at Payogan Agung Temple in Ketewel.

As on the day Galungan, on the day of Pagerwesi, “penjors” (a tall decorated bamboo poles) are raised which makes it a day as almost as important as Galungan. This ceremony is almost strictly observed in Buleleng regency.

Pagerwesi Day will be preceded by the celebration of Soma Ribek, which falls on Monday, 18 September 2006, during which time a series of ritual ceremonies are held. The word Soma Ribek is derived from Soma which means Monday and Ribek which means full. On this day, Balinese people bring offerings to the rice box. They thank God for food and beverage in their lives and pray to Dewi Sri (Goddess of Prosperity) for prosperity. The philosophy of Soma Ribek Day is food and beverage, which is the third most important thing for human life.

Ngusaba Kedasa di Besakih

AMLAPURA, BALIPOST.com-Puncak karya Ngusaba Kedasa atau Ida Batara Turun Kabeh (IBTK) di Besakih, Karangasem dilaksanakan, Senin (14/4) bertepatan dengan Purnama Kedasa. Prosesi puncakkarya rencananya di-puput sejumlah sulinggih yang akan mapuja di Balai Gajah atau di Ayun Dewa.


Selain itu, dua sulinggih juga muput di paselang. Sementara, sudah rutin pada saat pujawali termasuk saat puncak IBTK, berbagai sekaa kesenian ngaturang ayah menari tari wali seperti rejang dewa, topeng sidakarya dan wayang lemah diiringi gong dan selonding.

Usai punck karya, Ida Batara kaaturan malinggih atau nyejer di pesamuan selama 21 hari. Pratima Ida Batara baru kaaturan masineb Senin (5/5) sore. Sementara, di Pura Pasar Agung, Sebudi, Selat juga berlangsung karya Ida Batara Turun Kabeh.

Prawartaka karya yang juga Klian Desa Pakraman Besakih Wayan Gunatra mengatakan, agar tidak mengurangi sradha bakti para pamedek diharapkan mengikuti arahan panitia. Misalnya, soal mencari tempat parkir. Jika  petugas pengatur lalu lintas dan petugas parkir mengatakan, areal parker di bagian atas sudah penuh, hendaknya jangan memaksa masuk. Dengan begitu, diharapkan kemacetan saat puncak membludaknya pamedek tidak sampai menyebabkan kemacetan yang parah.(budana/balipost)

Sanur Village Festival

It has been ten years the concept of The New Spirit of Heritage becomes a benchmarking of our journey in building up the reputation as one of the best festival ever in Bali. This year taking the moment of 10thcelebration of the festive, “Dasa Warsa” is chosen to be the sub themed of the 10th Sanur Village Festival 2015 and reflecting Sanur as a destination with its nature symbol of the new days began and celebrated by the dynamics creativity of Sanur community.


Taking place at the Inna Grand Bali Beach, Maisonette area of Segara Ayu Beach for five days from 26th – 30th August 2015, Sanur will again proudly present the 10th Sanur Village Festival 2015. Various programs such as Bazar & Food Festival, Fashion Show, Sanur Kreatif Expo, Sanur Village Cycling tour, Culinary Challenge, Yoga performance, Sanur Golf Tournament, Environmental care program as well as the traditional fishing tournament. The international kite festival, jukung festival and Sanur Run would definitely sensate the spectators with their breathtaking race.

Continuing the last year launching of the destination tag line, we would also like to distribute the message that the branding Morning of The World will be a reminder of Sanur being a major brand of tourism in Bali.

Last but not the least, we cordially invite everyone to come and enjoy the five days full of fun activities celebration of 10th Sanur Village Festival 2015 and also thank everyone whose hard work and involvement as well as assistance and participation had ensured the successfulness of our Sanur Village Festival.


I.B Gede Sidharta Putra, MBA

Chairman of Sanur Village Festival