Tumpek Wayang

Tumpek Wayang well known as devoted of the lord puppet.

Tumpek Wayang is a special day filled with blessings dedicated towards the traditional performing art form of shadow puppetry. Tumpek Wayang is come once in six month base on Balinese calendar it’s fix of 210 days , Balinese calendar is different calculation , it is combine lunar and solar system we call PAWUKON. One month of Balinese calendar is consist of 5 week or 35 days.

Various offerings are made to the equipment and range of character puppets involved in the traditional theatrical art. Tumpek Wayang is one part in a series of Tumpek days for blessing different subjects. The others include Tumpek Kandang, Tumpek Uduh for plants, Tumpek Landep for metal objects and tools, Tumpek Kuningan for ancestral spirits, and Tumpek Krulut for traditional gamelan music instruments – all which occur in a 210-day cycle on the Pawukon calendar.

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