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Dear value Costumer,

A warm welcome from Pulau Bali (Bali Island), an island of paradise where Laksmi Bali Tour home base is located. I am very pleased to welcome you to our Bali Holiday web site where you will find our extensive range of tours are the very best that Bali has to offer for your holiday in Bali . When you select 1 of the first class Tours we guarantee you the very best service available from our Reservation Department right up to your departure from Bali.

Our aim is to make your visit to Bali most enjoyable holiday you could possible have so that when you go home, you have many wonderful memories of our beautiful Island and it's warm friendly people. The memories that you take home are the very reason why, you will want to return to Bali as soon as possible. Laksmi Bali Tour is fully committed to making your holiday as pleasurable and hassle free as possible, so that when you return to Bali you will come again choose us as your preferred booking agent.

Last but not least, enjoy your holiday with us and our entire staff will be very pleased to welcome you in Bali.

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Jero Ardana